Bio Plumbing

BIO-CLEAN Your Drains and Pipes!Whenever your drains or pipes get clogged, you often resort to using the strongest chemical available that can melt the cause of the blockage. What you don’t know is that aside from exposing your self to the dangers of these very harmful chemicals, you can also damage your pipes and drains. One of the safest and most effective ways to clean your drains and sewer pipes is to use BIO-CLEAN.What is BIO-CLEAN?BIO-CLEAN contains waste-degrading bacteria and enzymes. Organic wastes such as hair, food, paper, cotton, grease and sewage are the main targets of these bacteria and enzyme. Since BIO-CLEAN is all natural, it is not considered poisonous. You will never observe any fumes, heat or boiling.
How does BIO-CLEAN work?
The principle behind BIO-CLEAN is simple. Once you pour BIO-CLEAN into the pipes or drain, the millions of bacteria and enzymes begin degrading or “eating” the waste inside including those that are attached to the sides and top of the drain pipe. Since these wastes are carbon-based, it’s like normal food for the bacteria. Once they have degraded all wastes, you are left with clean, clog-free pipes. Regular maintenance treatments can also prevent waste build up. Where can you use BIO-CLEAN? BIO-CLEAN can be used for residential and commercial cleaning of pipes. You can use it on kitchen sinks, bath tubs, lavatories, showers, floor drains, septic tanks and laundry drains. You can even use BIO-CLEAN in septic tanks, sewage ejector sumps, outhouses and cesspools, lift stations and cat litter boxes. Why choose BIO-CLEAN?There are several reasons why you should choose BIO-CLEAN over other chemical and biological liquid products.


1. The first reason is safety. It will not pose any health hazard to your pet, child and the environment. You can even safely remove odor-causing waste in your cat’s litter box.
2. BIO-CLEAN is very cost-efficient. When you use BIO-CLEAN, you will no longer have to purchase additional chemicals and deodorizers. It completely removes all organic wastes and odors. You will no longer have to hire professionals to clean you cable drains or grease pipes. Aside from these, a 2lb container can provide you with 100 drain treatments or can already completely clean a 1000 gallon-septic tank.
Septic tanks are really very difficult to clean. Chemicals such as chlorine, sanitizers, anti-septics, cationic surfactants and germicidal products are actually incompatible with septic systems. They can cause you bigger problems if they accumulate and leach into the soil. But if you use BIO-CLEAN, not only will you extend the life of the leach field but you are also assured that all solid organic wastes are degraded and thus, fewer pumping.


Results may vary depending on the amount of waste you might have in your pipes. Some organic wastes such as hair or grease take longer to degrade. You can expect a minimum of two days to a maximum of three weeks. Compared to other biological products, BIO-CLEAN has a longer shelf life reaching up to several years. The composition of BIO-CLEAN is also more concentrated. A single spoonful already contains millions of bacteria. Their number doubles every 30 minutes and only stops when there are no more organic wastes are available for them to eat. Search

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